Matteo at Fernsehgarten – ZDF performance Just One Lie

After numerous interviews in itlay, Matteo was invited to go to Germany at the Fernsenhngarten event to promote his new amazing single!

Matteo was hosted by ZDF at the famous Fernsehgarten TV show, the best place for a growing artist to promote his new single. Comparable to the RAI for Italy, BBC for England or CNN for America. Part of this experience, was the amazing opportunity to share and perform with over 1000 people the choreography, done by Caterina Buratti, of his single Just One Lie.

Matteo was present form early morning on set at FernersehGarten , teaching to all the fans the choreography. .

Fans from all over the world had the chance to see his performance via streaming or TV, and many of them sent him pictures and videos via facebook, snapchat and Instagram.

HERE the full performance of ust One Lie on ZDF – Fernsehgarten!