Just One Lie is now OUT all over the world from 26th may 2017 on Spotify, iTunes and all digital platform. The new single of Matteo Markus Bok written by Richard Hamersma and Sean Bowe, produced by Oliver De Ville. The debut was accompained with an important interview on Cioè Magazine, one of the most popular teen magazine, with the official poster of Matteo Markus Bok.
This magazine is an icon for Italian teenagers.
During the next days Matteo will be interviewed by important radios and journalists from every part of Italy.
Just One Lie is the single that introduces Matteo into Italian discography, it’s a first step in his career.
The official italian fanclub has supported Matteo in every promotional event and on the official Facebook group they followed every step of Just One Lie. If you want to join us on the official Facebook group click HERE (only Italian fans). There are a lot of fans in Brasil, Spain and Mexico and the Official Facebook group for every nation will be available soon.